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Courage to Lead Pitch Prep


Thanks for joining us. We look forward to contributing to your effectiveness with your pitch - so you Make Courage Contagious when you pitch and generate the support, traction and funding you seek.

To prep for your pitch prep session, we'll ask you to…
  1. Upload your pitch-deck or the business case you'll present
  2. What else will they see when they do a deeper dive? What will they see on your website, LinkedIn profile, other social media and your due diligence dropbox?
  3. Clarify "what success looks like." What is your "call-to-action?" What action do you want your audience should take - to say "Yes" and move a step forward to give you the support or funding that you seek.
  4. Describe the audience. What do you know about their interests, priorities, culture, and the way they process information and wrap their heads around your value proposition?
  5. Describe the setting - How much time will have to present your pitch, via what technology and what physical environment?

Then - press SUBMIT to request a time for your 75-minute coaching session. We'll send an invoice for your pitch prep session - or give you a place to enter a discount code if you qualify for a free session.

Bon courage! (Good wishes - b'hatzlacha!)
Dr Merom Klein & Dr Louise Yochee Klein
Courage Institute International
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4. Upload your pitch deck and any material you want us to review - if you have already prepared a formal pitch, executive summary or business case. 

You may upload up to 4 files, 10 MB or smaller, in doc, xls, docx, xlsx, pdf, mov, mp3, mp4, ppt, pptx
(PLEASE NOTE: The Principals of Courage are accredited angel investors and can review a pitch for private investment. We take reasonable efforts to safeguard confidentiality but you should not unload materials that require a Nondisclosure or Confidentiality Agreement.)
     Here are some templates. Compare your pitch to these templates:

     For an investor pitch…
compare your pitch deck to recommendations in this Slideshare.
     (Password to open is courage - lower case)

     For a corporate investment or capital committee pitch… compare your prospectus to    
     recommendations in this Slideshare template. (Password to open is courage - lower case)

     For a pitch to the execution team you want to mobilize for change-management… compare your
     presentation to recommendations in this Slideshare. (Password to open is courage - lower case)

     For a pitch to a customer… compare your pitch to recommendations in this Slideshare.
    (Password to open is courage - lower case).
5. What other links will your audience see - if they are interested enough to check you out when they review your pitch (Include LinkedIn profiles, your webpage or webpages of vendors or strategic partners included in your pitch.)