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Courage to Lead Pitch Prep


Thanks for joining us. We look forward to contributing to your effectiveness with your pitch - so you generate the support, traction and funding you seek.

To prep for your pitch, we'll ask about…
  1. Your success. We'll start at the end and ask you to clarify - the "call-to-action" your audience should take, to move a step closer to funding, adoption, due diligence, connection or continued dialogue - and the personal brand you want to earn.
  2. Your audience. What you know about their interests, priorities, culture, and the way they process information and wrap their heads around your value proposition.
  3. The setting - how much time you have to present your pitch, the physical environment, technology and the stage-gate funnel that your audience uses to vet opportunities and take decisions

When you finish answering these questions, attach your pitch deck and any supporting material - including information that an interested audience member can find about you on your website and social media.

Then - we'll be in touch to schedule your pitch coaching session.

Bon courage! (Good wishes - b'hatzlacha!)
Dr Merom Klein & Dr Louise Yochee Klein
Courage Institute International
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